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Application for Stormwater User Fee Inquiry/Review Fact Sheet

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Stormwater User Fee Charge Review

A customer’s Stormwater User Fee Charge has been determined using the records from the City’s utility billing database, aerial photographs, and field visits where necessary. Using this data, we have calculated the total impervious area of improvements such as buildings, pavements, etc. on your property. The SW Utility has determined that 3,000 square feet as a Residential Equivalent Unit (REU) and all stormwater user fees are determined in terms of the number of REUs.
The stormwater user fee is calculated as follows:

1. Most Single-Family Residential (SFR) customers are charged a flat rate $4.75 per month with two exceptions: duplexes (or residential properties with 2 utility accounts) which are charged $2.38 per month and large impervious area SFR customers (greater than 9,000 square feet impervious area) are charged a custom bill based on total REUs (see NSFR calculation method below).
2. Non-Single Family Residential (NSFR) customers are charged $4.75 per REU per month for every 3,000 square feet of impervious surface.
3. Undeveloped properties with total impervious area of less than 500 square feet are not charged a stormwater user fee.

All of the above fees are charged monthly through the regular City utility bill.
If you believe that your Stormwater User Fee was calculated incorrectly, please complete the attached form to request a review of your fee and send it to:

Garden City
Attn: Utility Services Manager
Finance Department
PO Box 7548
Garden City, GA 31408

Upon receipt of your request, we will review your property’s billing account data and conduct additional research (as necessary) to establish the correct amount of impervious area and the resulting stormwater user fee. Your request for Stormwater User Fee Review includes your permission for City personnel to enter your property to verify and measure existing improvements. If you have been billed incorrectly, any fees received over the correct charge amount will be refunded. However, if we find that you have been under charged, your Stormwater User Fee will be adjusted upward, and you will be responsible for the new fee. Please note that your stormwater user fee must be paid and current in order for a Stormwater User Fee review to be initiated by the City. You may request information regarding this program from the Utilities Department at (912) 966-7777.