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How to Reduce Yard Waste

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Grasscycling (Let grass clippings fall):

  • Use a mulching mower or retrofit your current mower with a mulching blade kit and let clips fall back into the lawn. This will add nitrogen to the soil and cut fertilizer use by approximately 30%.
  • Cut only 1/3 of grass blade at a time to promote root growth and shade out weeds. Deep roots
    help grass resist drought and disease.

Home Composting

  • Transform your yard waste into humus-rich compost. Use compost in the garden, with potted
    plants, as a topdressing for lawns, or as mulch around trees and shrubs.
  • The benefits of composting include improved soil structure, enhanced root growth and adds
    nutrients to the soil.

Other Options

  • Add low-maintenance plant beds and groundcovers, slow-growth bushes, decks, walkways and
    borders to your yard to reduce lawn area.
  • Use Shredded leaves and grass clippings as mulches to control weeds, conserve moisture and
    reduce soil erosion.
  • Add shredded leaves and grass to your compost pile.
  • Shred leaves into lawn with mulching mower; adds nutrients and does not hurt the lawn.