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Yard Waste/Dry Trash FAQ

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Dry Trash/Yard Waste Pick Up and Disposal

What is Dry Trash?
Dry trash or “Yard Waste” generally includes: grass clippings, leaves, spent flowers & garden plants,
weeds, pine needles, pine cones, acorns, vines, twigs, branches and other woody material up to 3 inches in diameter and no longer than 4 feet in length. Bagged dirt, soil, and items such as rocks are NOT considered yard waste and will not be picked up by Waste Management.

How do I prepare my dry trash for pick up?
Dry trash must be in paper bags and placed next to your household garbage container so it can be easily spotted for pickup. Items such as sticks and branches that cannot be bagged must be tied into bundles. Each bundle or bag cannot weigh more than 45 pounds each. Place the bags and bundles at the street next to your household garbage container by 7 am on your day of pickup.

Correct Method to Bag Leaves and Bundle Limbs

Dry Trash 7   


How much dry trash can I put out for pick up each week?
The maximum allowable limit is 2 cubic yards, which is equivalent to 4 trash can containers, or
approximately 6 to 8 bags, or bundles. Larger amounts of dry trash waste can be taken to the County
landfill off Highway 80 or disposed of utilizing The Bagster purchased from Waste Management.

Where do I place my dry trash materials?
All bags and bundles of dry trash must be placed beside your household trash container on pickup day.

What about brush and branches larger than the allowable size?
If you have dry trash material larger than the sizes noted here, the resident should contact the City or
Waste Management regarding options such as The Bagster. The Bagster is offered by Waste
Management for proper disposal of larger items such as large trees and limbs or household bulk trash
such as couches and furniture.

How do I purchase a Bagster?
You can purchase one at City Hall or go to to order online. You can also visit to find retailers in our area that sell the bag, or call 1.877.789.BAGS (2247). The Bagster can be used not only for yard waste, but it can also be used for construction debris, household junk, dirt, sand, rocks, or sod.

What if I have a private lawn service?
Your lawn service company should properly dispose of the yard waste they generate by taking it to the
County landfill or another facility. Individual lawn service companies should haul the leaves or limbs
they generate if they are hired by the resident.

What if I have dry trash/yard waste when pickup isn’t provided?
The resident will need to take the material to the County landfill or use The Bagster.

Is dry trash and yard waste going to be picked up year-round?
Yes, once per week.

Dry trash and yard waste will not be picked up if:

  • It is not bagged (plastic or paper if fine) or bundled with string or similar.
  • It has household waste mixed in or limbs larger than 3 inches in diameter or greater than 4 feet in length.
  • No bag or bundle weighing over 45 lbs will be collected.
  • If you have more than 2 cubic yards of materials total.
  • If it is not placed beside the household waste container on the day of regular trash pick up.