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Dry Trash & Yard Debris

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Garden City picks up and disposes of dry trash from residences only within the City's boundaries. The City’s private solid waste disposal company, Waste Management Inc (WM), will pick up your dry trash at the same time they pick up your household trash.

Dry trash generally consists of leaves, limbs, sticks and other natural materials found in your yard or garden. Household trash and recyclables are the materials that you dispose of on a regular basis from inside your home that are suitable for pick up by WM. Certain chemicals and other hazardous materials from within your house or garage should be disposed of properly. Please review the WM website at  for list of allowed materials that can go into your residential household container and your recycling container.

The City has summarized below some of the key reminders for customers to note as the program gets underway. 

  • Pick Up Schedule: Your pick up day for household waste and dry trash will be the same day. Please note that your pickup day of the week may have changed so review the information sent by the City or call customer service at 912-966-7777.
  • Dry Trash: Place your dry trash materials on the curb next to your household trash container on the same day. Your loose dry trash (leaves) must be bagged in plastic or paper bags. The maximum amount of bags is 2 cubic yards which equals about 6 to 8 large paper or plastic bags. Your tree limbs and sticks must be bundled together and the bundle cannot weigh more than 45 lbs. The individual sticks must be no larger than 4 inches in diameter and less than 6 foot in length. The bundles must be tied so that WM can easily pick them up and place them in the truck.
  •  Bulk Trash Items:  WM will not pickup bulk trash such as couches, furniture, appliances, etc. If you place those at the curb, Code Enforcement or WM will notify you of your error and ask that you correct it. WM offers the Bagster service for customers that want to dispose of large bulk items or large amounts of debris (up to 3,000 lbs). Customers should contact WM at (877) 789-2247 or go to the website  for additional details. Bagsters can also be purchased at City Hall. Individuals can alternatively dispose of bulk items at the Chatham County landfill near the intersection of Hwy 80 and Chatham Parkway. Contact the County landfill at (912) 652-6840 for disposal details.
  • Recycling: Nothing will change for customers related to the City’s recycling program so continue to place your recyclables in the container at the curb on the same day as in the past.

As a reminder, DO NOT leave dry trash bags and/or bundles in City ditches for pick up since it could clog the stormwater drainage system and lead to flooding. 

If you have additional questions about dry trash, please call the City at (912) 966-7777 or WM directly at (912) 965-0049.

Dry Trash Pickup Schedule[PDF]