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Fire Protection Fee

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What is a fire fee? 
A fire fee is a charge for fire services provided by the City of Garden City's Fire Department. Under the fire fee, the revenue collected can only be used for fire services to customers. A fire fee is a financing option that provides an equitable, stable and dedicated revenue source to support fire services. In Georgia, fire fees are similar to water, sewer, or sanitation fees, in that these services are typically funded through user fees. 

Fire protection fees enable the City to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Ensure that Garden City residents and business owners receive fire
    fighting services at the desired service level;
  2. Continue to fund full time fire fighter positions;
  3. Ensure that there is adequate funding for operational and training expenditures;
  4. Enable the City to work to maintain the ISO rating of 3; and
  5. Protect the lives and property of all citizens through emergency response, education and fire prevention.

Furthermore, the user fee approach is the most fair and equitable way to apportion the cost of delivering fire protection services to the City’s customers. For more information on the benefits of the City's Fire Fee and other important information please review the documents below.

Fire Fee Information 2018
Fire Protection Fee - Customer Service Questions Summary
Fire Protection Fee - Customer Credit Manual

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